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Enable 'Drop a referral CV' for Employees

Is there a limit on the number of folders that can be created in ‘Invite General CVs’?

No, there is no limit on the number of folders that can be created in ‘Invite general CVs’.
You can create as many as you need.

Invite referrals using a free Private Job

What is a Private Job?

Private Job Posting

A private job is a job page which will NOT appear in Naukri jobsearch and Naukri alerts to jobseekers

It will also not appear in company microsites, (if any)

Since Naukri does not promote this job in jobsearch and alerts, this job remains Private.


How to use Private Job Posting

Recruiters can use Private job posting for sending referral email to employees.

Private job can also be shared on Social media through Broadcast option

Private jobs can also be sent to selected jobseeker pool through ‘Send a Job as Email (SAJE)’ option in Resdex.


Does Private Job Posting require Job Posting subscription or Credits ?

A private job does not require Naukri Job Posting subscription.

This means Companies can post a private job without using their job posting credits.


How is it different from Naukri Paid job posting ?

Naukri job posting goes live on Naukri – this means jobseekers can search for it
or receive alerts from Naukri,
hence, it consumes job posting credits.

Private job on other hand, is not promoted by Naukri and hence does not consume credits.