1. Custom Communication Settings

Custom Email Settings

Naukri Referral understands the need of personalizing the communication to Employees and candidates.
And, provides super high flexibility to do so.

Email Settings is a dedicated section to customize and set up –

1. Which emails have to be sent at what frequency

2. If these emails have to be sent at all

3. What From name and Email alias has to be used

4. What personalized communication has to be sent – options to customize subject, content, signature etc.










2. Automatic Notifications to Employees

Can system send out Automatic Notifications to Employees ?

Naukri Referral system has option to send out automatic notifications to
employees about following events –

  • Status Updates
  • Comments from HR team
  • Referrals done by Employee’s friends
  • New Badges earned by employee (in case Gamification module is active)


In addition to the above, Enterprise version of Product also allows
Notifications to the Facebook account of employees.
This feature is not available on Other Social Media Channels due to their limitations to provide such a feature.


3. Manage Referral Duplicates

How can I manage duplicates across all my referral applies

1) Referral system allows recruiter to blocks duplicate referrals in a single job.
Example – jobseeker1@gmail.com referred once cannot be referred again for the same job.

2) Recruiter can also manage duplicates across ALL referrals in the system.

This is available as a setting and switched ON by default.


Recruiter can set duplicity check period ranging from 1 month –12 months.

Setting a duplicity check period for 4 months would check and highlight ALL duplicate referrals if happening within 4 months.

Example- jobseeker1@gmail.com already referred for Job 1, if referred for Job 2 within 4 months, will get highlighted as duplicate Referral.


Clicking on Original CV opens the original referral CV, of which the current CV is marked duplicate of.

4. Send a message to Employees for Referred candidate's status change

Can I send a message to employee while changing a referral candidate status ?

Yes ! Referral allows you to comments and messages for Referrals under yours ‘Track Referral’ section.

Comments are for recruiter’s internal use and NOT Visible to employees.



Messages to employees can be mentioned under the message section.

These can typically be the reasons/justifications for a status like whether the profile was relevant or why it got rejected.




Employees get the messages on their referral site as well as in the referral status mails.


5. Mapping Referrals with Employee Codes

I wish to map my Referral system with my Employee Codes

Referral allows recruiters to use Employee Code as part of their referral system.

Super user can enable from the settings page



Once enabled, it will be visible to employees in their account settings for addition/editing.


Recruiters can add employee codes while registering employee or can update later for already registered employees.

a) Adding employee code while registering –

Bulk Registration option will also show employee code field for excel upload.

Employee codes can be added using the same during registration itself.



b) Updating Employee code for already registered employees –

Go to ‘Manage users’ page -> Update employee code

To update employee codes for already registered employees, add Email-id and employee codes as shown below.