1. How do Employees Refer their friends

Where all can my employees share referred jobs?

Employees can share referral jobs on:

Social networks like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn

Mobile messengers like Whatsapp, gtalk by simply copying the link of the job and pasting it in the messenger, and

Employees also send emails to their friends by clicking on ‘Send Mail to friends’ link in referral email

Refer job tuple




How can my employees share Jobs on social networks?

Employees can share jobs on various social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
from the referral mailer itself in a single click.



Would my employees be able to forward the referral mailer to their personal network?

Yes, employees can forward the referral mail to their personal networks using the
‘Send referral email to friends’ option.

send referral job to friends


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2. Employee Help Pages/FAQs

What are FAQs

-Option for recruiter to define answers to most common referral/IJP  related queries by employees on the referral portal

-These can be seen even without login to the referral site



How to enable FAQs?

  • Under Referral settings -> “Other Settings” -> Enable help page/FAQs for employees

This will enable pre-populated FAQs on referral site



How to add/edit more FAQs?

1.Click Manage

2.You can create new categories or add questions within existing categories.

Allows up to 10 questions for each category.



Where can employees view the FAQ section?

On referral site in Non-logged in case, employee can see the FAQ link next to Register button at the top.

If the employee is logged in, then she needs to go to profile settings, in the dropdown she will find the FAQ option.

When Not logged in:


When Logged in:




Any other feature?

Yes, Employees can view the questions and share their feedback in case they need any more clarifications.

Employee feedback is available at back end and the same can be provided on request.

feedback    comment



Can sub users also manage this FAQ settings ?

Yes, Sub users have the right to add/ edit categories and questions in this page.

However enabling/disabling  the FAQ section can only be  done by the super-user.