Department Wise Referrals

Department Wise Referrals

HR admin will now have the ability to create Departments in Naukri Referral Tool. These Departments can mimic the organizational division of work force and help the HR to categorize Referral jobs by the departments they belong to. Employees can also be assigned a department.

When the department settings will be ON –

  • the employee would be able to see separate tabs of each Department. Under these tabs the employees will see the jobs belonging to that particular department.
  • Employees can choose to follow departments indicating their interest in knowing about the jobs posted in these departments.
  • The system will use this information while sending the new jobs mailer to the employees.
  • Thus each employee will receive a custom made email for them with jobs belonging to the departments they follow.


Only Department Specific Referrals

In addition, the HR admin has an option to restrict the employees to view jobs only from their own departments.

This can be done just by tuning ON ‘Only department specific Referrals’ setting.
In case this setting is turned ON, the employees would not get an option to follow/unfollow departments as they would only be able to see Referral jobs that belong to their own department.
The new jobs mailer will similarly contain only those jobs belonging to the employees’ department.

Common questions and answers

Creating and assigning departments

Q: Where can the HR admin create Departments?

A: HR admin can create departments by going to Department Settings in the left hand menu bar on Referral settings page. Turn the setting ON and create departments by clicking on Add Department at the bottom of the page.


Q: How many departments can be created?

A: At maximum 50 departments are allowed.


Q: How can I assign a department to a Job?

A: While creating a new Job, you can choose a department from the department dropdown. This dropdown will display all the departments that are created by the HR admin. Similarly, the department can be added to an existing Job by editing the Jobs and choosing a department from the dropdown.


Q: How can I assign a department to an employee?

A: Go to Manager Users from Referral Main menu. You can specify the department while adding a new user to the system OR you can choose to update departments of employees by selecting the Update Departments from the Dropdown on top right of page.


Q: Can I assign more than one departments to Jobs or employees?

A: No, only one department can be assigned to a job or an employee at given point of time.


Q: Can I choose not to assign a department to a job or an employee?

A: Yes, assigning department is optional.


Following a department

Q: Where can the employees follow/unfollow departments?

A: They can do it from

  1. The Referral Site home page by selecting the department tab and then clicking on the follow/unfollow button OR
  2. They can go to Account Settings and click on the unfollowed department to follow it and vice versa.


Q: What will happen when the employee follows a department?

A: The department will start showing a blue colored star next to the name of the department.


Q: By default, will the employee be following any departments?

A: Yes, by default, the employee will be following all the departments that exist in the system.


Q: Can the employee choose to unfollow all the departments?

A: No, the employee has to follow at least one department. Also the employee has to follow his/her own department.



Q: Will I get a notification when a job is posted in my department?

A: No. Though the new jobs will be included in the automated mailer for new jobs.


Q: Will the employee only receive jobs from his/her own departments in all mails, even those sent by the HR explicitly?

A: No, only in the automated new jobs mailer the employee will see jobs from the department that she is following. The employee would see all the jobs in the email sent by the HR manually.


Q: If there are no new jobs posted in the departments that are being followed by me, will the employees receive the new jobs mailer?

A: If the employee is following all the departments and still there are no new jobs in the any of the department, the employee will receive the new jobs mailer with jobs which do not have any department associated with them.

If the employee is following few departments (and not all) and there are no new jobs in these departments then the employee will not receive a new jobs mailer.


Q: Can I restrict the employees to see jobs belonging to only a few selected departments?

A: No. At present the HR can choose to restrict the employees to see only those jobs which belong to the employee’s department but cannot selectively show jobs from a set of departments.


Q: Are the departments also applicable to IJP?

A: Yes.

Only Department Specific Referrals

Q: Will the employee be able to see department tabs when the only department specific referrals setting is ON?

A: No. The employee will see all the jobs belonging to her own department under Referral. No tabs will be shown.

Manage and Customize Stages

Custom Stages in Referral Tool (Available in Enterprise Referral)

Different organizations have different processes and stages of recruiting. To cater to these needs and give more flexibility in capturing these stages, Naukri Referral Tool provides the ability to define custom status to indicate various stages in hiring process.

Custom Stages in Referral

Recruiters can

* Define new stages – Add new stages apart from the default stages available

* Edit Names of the existing stages – Edit the name of existing default stages to reflect your organization’s unique process

* Define sub stage for a stage – Mimic your actual process in detail with sub stages

* Delete a Stage – Remove redundant stages from the process

New Stages and changes made in them would be reflected in all Naukri response managers as well (eApps and CSM).



Q: Where can I find the current stages present in the system?

A: You can see them by going to Referral > Settings > Selection Stages

Q: How can I add or edit a stage?

A: On Selection Stages page, click on ‘Customize’ button at the bottom. This would open a page where you can add or edit a stage.

Q: How can I add a sub stage?

A: Click on the small arrow present on an existing stage tuple. This would allow you to add a new stage by directly adding a name or clicking on ‘+’ icon.

Q: How can I delete a stage?

A: You can delete a stage by clicking on the trash icon present on the stage tuple

Q: I have CSM Pro and I have already added customized stages, will they be available in Referral tool?

A:  Yes they will be available in Referral tool also.

Referral Incentive – Payment in Stages

Referral Incentive – Payment in Stages

Challenge for most companies looking to incentivize referrals – How to make it attractive and engaging ?


Introducing option to pay referral incentive in stages/tranches in the Referral Enterprise variant.

Payout policy is defined by specifying the duration after the candidate joins when the employee who referred the candidate is eligible to receive referral amount.
With payment in stages the HR would get the flexibility to define payments to be made in more than one stages e.g. paying some amount after one month of joining and remaining referral amount after 2 months of joining.

These amount at each of the stages can be a percentage of the referral amount or can be a fixed amount/benefit. In addition, the amount can be given not only after the candidate joins but even when the candidate is shortlisted, offered a job etc.


Q: Where can I define the payment in stages?

A: You can go to the Payout Settings menu in left menu bar under Referral’s Settings. Turn on the Allow Partial Payment in Referral and start defining stages.


Q: How many stages can I define?

A: You can create one stage for each of the unique combinations that can be made from statuses available in the system with the duration available in the dropdown.

Q: Can I define multiple stages based on single status say joined?

A: Yes, there can be multiple stages e.g. 1 month after joining 20% referral amount, 2 months after joining 80% referral amount.

Q: What happens if the payment policy changes after a referral is made? Will the payment to be made follow the new policy or the old policy?

A: The payment to be made for a particular referral would follow the policy that was existing at the time the referral was made.

Q: Can the system consider the payment as per the policy that is present at the time of candidate’s joining and not at the time of referral?

A: Yes. But it has to be requested and will be changed from backend. The policy will only be followed for all the future referrals being made.


Q: Can I define some percentage of referral amount and a fixed amount to be given at the same time?

A: Yes. For example, you can define to give 50% of referral amount after 2 months the candidate has joined and also give Rs. 1000 after 2 months the candidate has joined. Payment in % and fixed amount however are captured in different tables on settings page.


Q: Can the payment policy differ from job to job?

A: No at any given point in time the policy will be applicable to all the jobs.


Q: Where can I see the payment to be made to a particular employee for his/her referrals?

A: You can see it in Payout Report available under Referral Reports.

Schedule Bulk Email and Email Log

Schedule Bulk Email and Email Log


Bulk Email

A super user or sub user can send referral jobs using create referral mail. The user can send these jobs to 1000 employees in one go.

To enable the HR to send these mails to much larger group of employees in one go we have introduced the ability to schedule a bulk email.
With bulk email the HR can send the Referral Jobs to a maximum of 1.5 lacs employees in one click. The bulk email will be scheduled for sending on next calendar day morning.

Email Log

Email Log will enable the HR to see the scheduled Bulk emails, provide them an option to cancel the scheduled bulk email and see the already sent emails.
The log will provide other useful information like which user sent the email, how many employees were sent the email, date of sending the email, how many emails were opened and current status.
The HR can filter the log entries based on status and date.



Bulk Email

Q: How many maximum emails can a user schedule in a day?

A: Each company is given a maximum quota of 1.5 lacs emails that can be scheduled in one day, for all sub users combined. Thus a user can schedule a maximum of 1.5 lacs emails if no other sub user has scheduled any email.  (This quota would be 3000 if the client has a consultant type account)


Q:  Where do I get an option to schedule the bulk email? 

A:  You can schedule a bulk email to be sent from Create Referral Mailer itself. You should be able to see the option to choose from sending the email instantly or schedule it using bulk email.


Q: How do I choose the recipients of the bulk email?

A: On selecting the Bulk Email Option, you can choose to

  1. Use the set of email Ids that were sent the bulk email last time OR
  2. Upload a new list of email Ids using an excel file


Q: If an email Id is repeated in the excel file, will that person receive two mails?

A: No, duplicate email Ids will be removed and the person will receive the mail only once.


Q: If there are invalid email Ids in the excel sheet I uploaded, will it be deducted from the daily quota?

A: No, only valid email Ids will be counted and scheduled for sending the emails. The invalid and duplicate email Ids will not be deducted from the daily quota.


Q: Can a sub user schedule more than one bulk email in one day?

A: Yes, as long as the daily quota is not exhausted.


Q: Will the last used set of email Ids be maintained for each sub user?

A: Yes, each sub user will only be able to select his/her last used set of email Ids.


Q: Can I set reminder mails on the scheduled mails?

A: No, they can only be set on regular create referral mails which are sent immediately.


Q: If I exhaust my daily quota of bulk emails will I be able to send the regular create referral mails to employees?

A: Yes, the quota limit of bulk email will not affect the regular create referral emails.


Q: Can I schedule a bulk email and send a regular referral email at the same time?

A: No. Only the option that you selected the last would be used to send the emails.

Email Log

Q: How many maximum records can I see in the Email Log?

A: You can see as many records there are in the last one year.


Q: What is difference between Manual and Automated Tabs? OR Which emails are shown in Email Log?

A: Manual Tab: This tab lists down the Scheduled Bulk email and create referral mails sent by any sub user

Automated Tab: This tab lists down the automated mails – new jobs mail and Leaderboard mailer sent to employees and the reminder emails of the create referral mails scheduled by sub users.


Q:  What happens when I cancel a scheduled bulk mail?

A: The status of the scheduled bulk mail is changed to cancel and the email campaign cancelled will not be executed. The number of emails in the cancelled email campaign will be added to the daily quota of bulk email for that day.


Q: Will I see all the email campaigns scheduled in future?

A: No. Only the Bulk emails scheduled will be seen as scheduled. The other kind of email campaigns like new jobs mailer, leaderboard mailer will only be shown in email log once they are sent.


Q: Can I download the email log?

A: Yes, you can download it as an excel file by clicking on the link present at the bottom of the table.


Walk-in Referrals

Walk-in Jobs on Referral site

Walk-in jobs are a common way to invite referrals for job openings in your organization. Naukri Referral Tool allows recruiters to share these Walk-in Jobs with employees by posting it on Employee Referral Portal as well as sending them in a customized mail.



Q: How can a recruiter post a Walk-in Job on Referral site?

To post a Walk-in job, recruiter can select the type of the job as ‘Walk-in’ in the Manager Responses section while posting the job. Based on the settings, the job will be auto-pushed to referral site or can be added by the recruiter manually from Manage Referral/IJP Jobs page.

Q: How would the employees know about the Walk-in Jobs?

* Walk-in Jobs will have a special icon next to the Job title

* Upcoming Walk-in Jobs can be seen in a widget on their home page.

* Employees can see the calendar of all future Walk-in Jobs and search Walk-in jobs based on location, department etc.

Q: How can an employee refer a friend for a Walk-in Job?

Employees can upload a CV for their friend or they can share the Job details on their networks with just one click. Candidates can use the links shared by the employees to know about the Walk-in details and apply.

Q: How would the candidate know about the Walk-in Job?

When employees upload a CV, the candidate receives an email with the job details. The candidate can read the Job description and also request to be reminded via an automated email a day before the Walk-in Job.

Similarly, when employees share Job details on their networks, the candidates can Apply for the Job and choose to be reminded a day before the Walk-in Job.