Add and Manage Employees

How can I add new employees in the system?

Manage Users page lets you add new employees in the system using ‘Register employees in bulk’ link.

Once the recruiter add employees in the system, they will be sent an activation email using which they can verify their accounts. All the employees who verify their accounts will start reflecting in ‘Verified Users’, others will start reflecting in ‘Non-verified Users’. Recruiter can select all ‘Non-verified users’ and resend invites to get them onboard from the tool itself in few clicks.


My employees weren’t able to reset their passwords for some reason, can I do the same for them?

Yes, HR can reset the password for employee accounts from Manage Users tab.

User can search on employee name/email in the verified user list (in Manage Users Tab) and reset their password using ‘Reset Password’ button.


I don’t want my exiting employees to be able to login into my company referral site, can I delete their account once they exit?

Yes, Recruiter can delete employee accounts from their interface from their end only.

This can be done using below steps:-

Go to ‘Referral’ -> ‘Manage Users’ -> Search on the employee name whose account is to be deleted -> select employee and click on delete.

How to import contacts from Outlook, Excel ?

Do I need to import email-ids every time I send referral emails?

No, you can easily save contacts within the Naukri system and create your own customized lists for future use.

This can be done using ‘Referral’ -> ‘Manage Users’ -> ‘Contact Lists’


Are my contact lists private?

Yes, all the contact lists created by a sub-user are completely secure and private.
No other sub-user can see or modify these contact lists.


What are the different sources to import contacts in the tool?

Referral tool allows user to import contacts using various sources, like LinkedIn, Excel, Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.