Companies with Employees having non-official email-ids

My Employees don’t have Official emails – can i still use Naukri Referral?

Naukri Referral is designed to accomodate employees without official email domains.
Based on client requirement, employees having non-official email domains (public domains) like gmail, yahoo etc. can be allowed on the referral site.

Naukri referral team can help clients register employees with non-official email domain.
All that is required is a confirmation from the company that emails are for full time employees of the company.


Companies with Employees without Email-ids

Some or all employees in my company do not have Email-ids. Can Naukri Referral handle that ?

Naukri Referral – Enterprise version has the feature to allow Referrals from Employees not having email-ids.

The product allows client HR team to register employees on referral portal without email-ids and instead use any other identification like employee code or anything else available with the HR team.
Referrals from these employees can tracked in the HR account and reports can be generated on the same.

Companies with Limited Referral hiring or low Employee base

Have less employees and referral is manageable on on email/excel. Will Naukri Referral help ?

Naukri Referral adds glamour to your Referral hiring and also streamlines it.
As a Company with low number of employees and looking to grow, Referral channel
can be a very good source of hiring with essence around – hire better, hire faster, hire cheaper.

Branding Internal referral program to employees is another facet that is critical for making Referral a success.
This again can be done very easily through Naukri Referral.

We would strongly recommend you to speak to your team for a quick demo and we can help you understand better how to make the most of your Employee strength
You can reach usĀ  ReferralSupport(at)


Company does not have an existing Referral Program

How will Naukri Referral benefit if company does not have a referral program currently ?

In case you do not have an existing referral program, Naukri team would suggest to set the same before buying Naukri referral.

A Good referral program can do wonders and add a cost efficient and reliable hiring channel to your Recruitment pie. read more on How Employee Referral helps hire better, faster and cheaper


In case you are interested in knowing more on how to set up a good referral program, read our primer on –

How to create a Good Referral Program

In case you need suggestions on how to set it up, do reach out to us at ReferralSupport(at) and we can share our experience from other clients with you.

Employees do not have Internet access

How will Naukri Referral work if my Employees do not have Internet access in office ?

Naukri Referral is designed with mobility in mind and mobile-first as its priority.

While it allows employees to access Company’s referral portal on desktop, the same is also available on mobile site and as a lightweight mobile web app.
Employees can browse through the referral site on low bandwidth on mobile phone and refer their friends on the go.

It thus, provides 24 X 7 referral access for employees in true sense.
Also, even though some companies have restricted social media access in office premises, HR can seek referrals from Employees’s networks through mobile referrals.