Frequently Asked Questions

Create Referral Mailer

Step 1 – Select Jobs to share

Go to Create Referral Mailer page and select the jobs for which you want to invite referrals from employees.




The dropdown lists all your active jobs (including “free private jobs”) posted in your account.

Please note that at a time you can select up to 5 jobs. You can run another set of mailer activity if there are more than 5 jobs in a single click.

Attach referral amount/ other benefits for specific jobs. Defining and displaying the same will motivate the employees to give you good referrals and also increase employee engagement with the tool.

Step 2 – Select Recepients for sending Email

a.  Add employee emails with whom you would like to share these referral jobs

b. You can simply import the employee contacts from the various sources available here and save it as part of your address book.

c. These email ids will be available in the saved contact list and the same can be extracted easily for future use


Each sub user can create 10 folders and store up to 10000 contacts.

Make sure that you do not enter any group email id’s here, as the system will not be able to trace individual person who gave referral from the group.


Step 3 – Set Mailer Content and Design

a. Mention the Name and Email id from which you want to send the mailer.

b. Choose a good subject line for your mail from our wide range of pre-created tag lines or create one of your own.

c. Customize the body of the mail and attach your company’s logo for a more structured internal branded communication with the employees.

d. You can save this as a template in the next page and prefill the details from here when you do the next set of mailer activity.

e. Choose which all social platforms your employees can share your jobs and set reminders at a set interval for employees to remind them about giving referrals, just in case if they have missed out on the mails in the first place.

f. Click on Preview, now here you can choose beautiful looking, mobile friendly themes, from the system to make the mailers more attractive and appealing.

g. Default theme also provides you with an option to upload own banner in the referral email to create complete white-labelled look.

h. You can also choose from our pre-created banners in single click.

i. Change the color theme as per your company’s color theme and click on send.

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