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Custom Stages in Referral Tool (Available in Enterprise Referral)

Different organizations have different processes and stages of recruiting. To cater to these needs and give more flexibility in capturing these stages, Naukri Referral Tool provides the ability to define custom status to indicate various stages in hiring process.

Custom Stages in Referral

Recruiters can

* Define new stages – Add new stages apart from the default stages available

* Edit Names of the existing stages – Edit the name of existing default stages to reflect your organization’s unique process

* Define sub stage for a stage – Mimic your actual process in detail with sub stages

* Delete a Stage – Remove redundant stages from the process

New Stages and changes made in them would be reflected in all Naukri response managers as well (eApps and CSM).



Q: Where can I find the current stages present in the system?

A: You can see them by going to Referral > Settings > Selection Stages

Q: How can I add or edit a stage?

A: On Selection Stages page, click on ‘Customize’ button at the bottom. This would open a page where you can add or edit a stage.

Q: How can I add a sub stage?

A: Click on the small arrow present on an existing stage tuple. This would allow you to add a new stage by directly adding a name or clicking on ‘+’ icon.

Q: How can I delete a stage?

A: You can delete a stage by clicking on the trash icon present on the stage tuple

Q: I have CSM Pro and I have already added customized stages, will they be available in Referral tool?

A:  Yes they will be available in Referral tool also.

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