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Sending referral emails – Group Email Ids

Why you should not use a group email-id for sending referral emails !

The most common reason your referral emails are not getting delivered is because they may have been blocked by your IT team. It is possible that these emails have run into problem with your ‘Internal Firewalls’.

I. What is a group email-id ?

A group email-id is a mail alias or email group for sending emails to multiple or all employees at one go. For example

II. Why sending referral email to a group email-id is Not a good idea ?

Lost tracking

1. We treat group email-id as one and do not have information on which employees are part of this group.
2. We do not fetch this information from your outlook to maintain security of your company data.
3. This means even when an employee refers a friend, your referral tracker will still display the group email-id as the referrer. This disrupts your tracking.

Notifications sent to the group email-id

1. A notification mail is sent to employees every week informing them about any referrals through their network.
2. This notification mail gets sent to the group email-id in case referral email was sent to it originally.

Incorrect Reports

1. Referral tool provides you reporting on which employees are eligible for referral money every month.
2. In case you use group email-id for referral emails, this reporting will not be available for calculating referral payout.

III. What is the alternative of using a group Email-id ?

For outlook 2010/2013 users

1. In case you have outlook 2010/2013, this task becomes pretty simple.
2. All you need to do is click on the group email-id to expand into the employee names.
3. You can then copy paste this directly into referral tool. It will extract only the employee email-ids for sending referrals.

For outlook 2003/ 2007 users

1. You would need to import contacts from your outlook. Step by Step instructions here
2. If you have employee email-ids in excel format, you can upload them easily to the referral tool. Read about it here


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