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Know reasons why the Create Referral Email may be undelivered

Why my Email is not getting delivered to Employees!

The most common reason your employees emails are not getting delivered is because they may have been blocked by your IT team. It is possible that these emails have run into problem with your ‘Internal Firewalls’.

Why does it happen ?

Some companies do not like seeing emails going ‘To’ and ‘From’ the same domain, while being passed through a third party.

For instance, you may be sending the email from to .
In the middle of this process, your email goes through Naukri server.
It is possible that your company IT team may find these emails suspicious and block them.

Is it a big issue ?

No, this problem happens in few cases; nothing to worry about.
It can be handled very easily.

What is the solution ?

Solution is very simple.
Your IT team needs to whitelist our IPs. This would mean they are Ok receiving emails from our application.Our Product team will work with your IT team to resolve this quickly.

Connect with us and we will take it forward with your IT team.

How much time will this whole process take ?

In most cases, can be resolved in 1-2 days.

Is there any risk involved ?

No, this is a completely safe process. We use exclusive IPs to send out emails to your Employees.
Your IT team can safely mark these IPs as allowed;
Once done, your applications emails will start flowing in.

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