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Referral Incentive – Payment in Stages

Challenge for most companies looking to incentivize referrals – How to make it attractive and engaging ?


Introducing option to pay referral incentive in stages/tranches in the Referral Enterprise variant.

Payout policy is defined by specifying the duration after the candidate joins when the employee who referred the candidate is eligible to receive referral amount.
With payment in stages the HR would get the flexibility to define payments to be made in more than one stages e.g. paying some amount after one month of joining and remaining referral amount after 2 months of joining.

These amount at each of the stages can be a percentage of the referral amount or can be a fixed amount/benefit. In addition, the amount can be given not only after the candidate joins but even when the candidate is shortlisted, offered a job etc.


Q: Where can I define the payment in stages?

A: You can go to the Payout Settings menu in left menu bar under Referral’s Settings. Turn on the Allow Partial Payment in Referral and start defining stages.


Q: How many stages can I define?

A: You can create one stage for each of the unique combinations that can be made from statuses available in the system with the duration available in the dropdown.

Q: Can I define multiple stages based on single status say joined?

A: Yes, there can be multiple stages e.g. 1 month after joining 20% referral amount, 2 months after joining 80% referral amount.

Q: What happens if the payment policy changes after a referral is made? Will the payment to be made follow the new policy or the old policy?

A: The payment to be made for a particular referral would follow the policy that was existing at the time the referral was made.

Q: Can the system consider the payment as per the policy that is present at the time of candidate’s joining and not at the time of referral?

A: Yes. But it has to be requested and will be changed from backend. The policy will only be followed for all the future referrals being made.


Q: Can I define some percentage of referral amount and a fixed amount to be given at the same time?

A: Yes. For example, you can define to give 50% of referral amount after 2 months the candidate has joined and also give Rs. 1000 after 2 months the candidate has joined. Payment in % and fixed amount however are captured in different tables on settings page.


Q: Can the payment policy differ from job to job?

A: No at any given point in time the policy will be applicable to all the jobs.


Q: Where can I see the payment to be made to a particular employee for his/her referrals?

A: You can see it in Payout Report available under Referral Reports.

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