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Department Wise Referrals

HR admin will now have the ability to create Departments in Naukri Referral Tool. These Departments can mimic the organizational division of work force and help the HR to categorize Referral jobs by the departments they belong to. Employees can also be assigned a department.

When the department settings will be ON –

  • the employee would be able to see separate tabs of each Department. Under these tabs the employees will see the jobs belonging to that particular department.
  • Employees can choose to follow departments indicating their interest in knowing about the jobs posted in these departments.
  • The system will use this information while sending the new jobs mailer to the employees.
  • Thus each employee will receive a custom made email for them with jobs belonging to the departments they follow.


Only Department Specific Referrals

In addition, the HR admin has an option to restrict the employees to view jobs only from their own departments.

This can be done just by tuning ON ‘Only department specific Referrals’ setting.
In case this setting is turned ON, the employees would not get an option to follow/unfollow departments as they would only be able to see Referral jobs that belong to their own department.
The new jobs mailer will similarly contain only those jobs belonging to the employees’ department.

Common questions and answers

Creating and assigning departments

Q: Where can the HR admin create Departments?

A: HR admin can create departments by going to Department Settings in the left hand menu bar on Referral settings page. Turn the setting ON and create departments by clicking on Add Department at the bottom of the page.


Q: How many departments can be created?

A: At maximum 50 departments are allowed.


Q: How can I assign a department to a Job?

A: While creating a new Job, you can choose a department from the department dropdown. This dropdown will display all the departments that are created by the HR admin. Similarly, the department can be added to an existing Job by editing the Jobs and choosing a department from the dropdown.


Q: How can I assign a department to an employee?

A: Go to Manager Users from Referral Main menu. You can specify the department while adding a new user to the system OR you can choose to update departments of employees by selecting the Update Departments from the Dropdown on top right of page.


Q: Can I assign more than one departments to Jobs or employees?

A: No, only one department can be assigned to a job or an employee at given point of time.


Q: Can I choose not to assign a department to a job or an employee?

A: Yes, assigning department is optional.


Following a department

Q: Where can the employees follow/unfollow departments?

A: They can do it from

  1. The Referral Site home page by selecting the department tab and then clicking on the follow/unfollow button OR
  2. They can go to Account Settings and click on the unfollowed department to follow it and vice versa.


Q: What will happen when the employee follows a department?

A: The department will start showing a blue colored star next to the name of the department.


Q: By default, will the employee be following any departments?

A: Yes, by default, the employee will be following all the departments that exist in the system.


Q: Can the employee choose to unfollow all the departments?

A: No, the employee has to follow at least one department. Also the employee has to follow his/her own department.



Q: Will I get a notification when a job is posted in my department?

A: No. Though the new jobs will be included in the automated mailer for new jobs.


Q: Will the employee only receive jobs from his/her own departments in all mails, even those sent by the HR explicitly?

A: No, only in the automated new jobs mailer the employee will see jobs from the department that she is following. The employee would see all the jobs in the email sent by the HR manually.


Q: If there are no new jobs posted in the departments that are being followed by me, will the employees receive the new jobs mailer?

A: If the employee is following all the departments and still there are no new jobs in the any of the department, the employee will receive the new jobs mailer with jobs which do not have any department associated with them.

If the employee is following few departments (and not all) and there are no new jobs in these departments then the employee will not receive a new jobs mailer.


Q: Can I restrict the employees to see jobs belonging to only a few selected departments?

A: No. At present the HR can choose to restrict the employees to see only those jobs which belong to the employee’s department but cannot selectively show jobs from a set of departments.


Q: Are the departments also applicable to IJP?

A: Yes.

Only Department Specific Referrals

Q: Will the employee be able to see department tabs when the only department specific referrals setting is ON?

A: No. The employee will see all the jobs belonging to her own department under Referral. No tabs will be shown.

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